We support you with institutional-quality investment management strategies individually designed to achieve your vision of financial success. We believe that managing downside risk is just as important as optimizing performance returns, which is why risk management is an integral part of our investment philosophy.

Investment Approach

Leveraging our deep analytical background and nearly 40 years of investment management experience, we employ a disciplined, repeatable and fundamentally sound investment process to manage positions. We strive to limit negative returns by thoroughly analyzing and systematically managing potential risks.

We apply our accumulated knowledge and insight into companies, industries and financial markets to recognize patterns, strengths and risks. We take a bottom-up and theme-based approach to identifying core investment strategies and opportunities to capitalize on asymmetric risk/reward opportunities.

Our team-based, collaborative process allows us to review, test and ultimately accept or reject various investment strategies. We analyze and clearly define multiple investment and risk parameters, including liquidity, position size, industry concentration, net exposures and more.

Risk Management

We view risk as a threat to our clients’ long-term financial outcomes, which is why risk management plays an integral role in our firm’s investment philosophy. We work diligently to identify, analyze and minimize a wide range of risks at all stages of the investment process, including individual security, industry, macro, market and portfolio risks.

  • We employ fundamental stock picking as a starting point, using portfolio construction strategies to help balance risk and reward.
  • We actively measure the risk/reward potential of each holding in order to assess its impact on the overall portfolio. Our profit-loss parameters include historical and peer group comparisons and profit/loss probabilities. Before approving a holding, we must first believe that its risk of loss is minimal and controllable.
  • We believe that exiting a position should require a negative change in that position’s fundamental outlook, the discovery of a more attractive replacement investment, valuation issues and/or macro concerns.
  • We actively consider tax consequences before selling positions for taxable accounts: what it means for capital gains, both short and long-term, and total taxable gains.

Our goal is the same as yours, to protect and preserve your wealth – today, tomorrow and for generations to come.